Managing a company's supply chain is a key success factor in any organization. The successful negotiation of supply chain contracts for transportation as well as warehousing, distribution, and brokerage is one of a company's most complex and challenging operations.

RFQConnect can help you evaluate, negotiate, contract for and, execute these services from a unified perspective - whether it is a small local agreement or a complex global contract. We analyze existing networks and collaborate with clients on identifying which services, service providers and contract terms will best allow their supply chain systems, as well as their businesses, to succeed. We can help you with your:

  • Expedited Air Freight Service
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • RFQ Management / Reverse Auction Events
  • Supply Chain Software - WMS - AES - AMS - Cargo Tracking
  • Audit and Payment Services
  • Supply Chain and Negotiation Training

With everything that your company invests each working day, to manage its supply chain service, does it make sense to manage your supply chain without an expert on your side?

Contact RFQConnect today to maximize the value from your supply chain.

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